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Suitability for Work Screening

This screening can be completed as part of a pre-employment process to assist in making new hiring decisions, or where workers are required to show levels of ability or compliance prior to returning to work following an injury or illness.

Screening packages can be customised to the industry and the job. A screening package can include physical assessment of fitness to do the job, medical screen, drug screen and alcohol screen, or a combination of services to meet your needs.

Screening is completed in a clinical setting. The physical assessment looks at the person's physical status including strength and any physical issues that could affect their ability to do the job. Recommendations may be provided to the candidate at the time of assessment for specific exercises. If areas of concern are raised during the medical screen the candidate is encouraged to consult with their family doctor.

Drug screening and alcohol screening is done in a secure clinical setting by DATAC Certified specimen collectors.

A summary report is provided, preferably by Email, following the assessment. An employer can request a more detailed report if there are aspects of the summary report that are of concern to them.

Total Physiotherapy can help you to improve your pre-employment screening by working with you to develop assessment tools to match the physical demands of jobs in your company. The Pre Employment Assessment tool is most effective if a Physical Demands Analysis has been completed for the job the candidate is being considered for.


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