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Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

This is a standardized and objective tool that establishes the physical demands of a specific job. The assessment is completed at the job site. The workplace must to operating as normal for the assessment to be effective.

The Physical Demands Analysis provides a vital tool in establishing baselines to provide the framework for Return to Work Planning, undertaking worker Functional Capacity Evaluations, assessing job and worker suitability, and assisting local healthcare professionals in focusing worker rehabilitation.

The Physical Demands Analysis tool includes a breakdown of the physical demands of the job, a summary of job requirements and a video overview of the job. The tool uses standardized terms from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and the National Occupational Classifications.

The Physical Demands Analysis is a required element for an effective Pre Employment and Suitability for Work Screen, Functional Capacity Evaluation, Work Conditioning and Rehabilitation Program and Return to Work Planning.

This tool can also be called a Critical Demands Analysis or a Job Demands Analysis.


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