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Worker Physical Assessments

A Physical Assessment is completed to assess a worker's current physical status. This assessment is usually completed to establish a baseline for the development of a rehabilitation program or to assess ability to return to work after an injury or illness.

A history is taken from the worker including previous medical history, current physical issues, previous and current treatment, pain aggravating and pain easing activities, medications and work history. A musculoskeletal evaluation is completed. This includes tests for range of movement, strength, neurological examination and other tests specific to the physical issues outlined. The assessment can be adjusted to answer specific referral questions.

The report includes a summary of the subjective information provided by the worker and the requestor and a summary of the results of testing. The report includes the therapist's assessment of the worker's current physical abilities and recommendations for a rehabilitation program or a return to work assessment. Recommendations for further treatment or interventions are included if indicated.


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