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Injury and Ability Management

Total Physiotherapy provides large and small businesses with injury and ability management tools to access job match and facilitate timely and effective return to work. 

These tools standardize the process of Suitability for Work Screening or Injury Management and Return to Work planning by establishing objective and consistent recommendations.

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Physiotherapy Patient Care

April 1, 2020 - our Houston clinic is closed for 'in-person' services in response to COVID-19.


TeleHealth Physiotherapy Services

During this closure we will be offering TeleHealth services. While the 'hands-on' therapies we offer are an important part of our physiotherapy care model, remote assessment, education, exercise instruction and review, and home treatment may be an effective option for many as we move through this extraordinary time. If you think TeleHealth might work for you, or you want more information, please email 

To access your Total Physiotherapy Janeapp account or to access online appointments click here (please ensure Chrome or Firefox is your default browser for online appointments)


Urgent Care

Total Physiotherapy may continue to provide in-person therapies to treat urgent care cases requiring immediate attention (post-op joint replacements, acute vestibular conditions, and conditions requiring hands-on treatment to prevent permanant or long-standing impairments. These cases will be reviewed by a physiotherapist. If you think you might have need of urgent care services, please email

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