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Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a reliable, defensible and highly effective tool employers can use to objectively evaluate a worker's ability and limitations to performing the functional tasks of a job in a safe manner. The evaluation is standardized, objective and scientific.

The Evaluation takes place over two consecutive days. On the first day the worker attends the clinic for approximately 3-4 hours. This length of time is necessary to obtain a wider picture of what the worker's physical limitations and abilities are. A history is taken from the worker including their previous medical history, current physical issues, previous and current treatment, pain aggravating and pain easing activities, medications and work history.

A musculoskeletal evaluation is completed by a registered physiotherapist. This includes tests for range of movement, strength, neurological examination and other tests specific to the physical issues outlined. Further testing assesses general functional abilities such as walking, standing, sitting and more specific functional activities related to the job and the presenting physical issues. Tests are completed to help determine sub maximal effort.

The second day of testing is shorter with the primary goal of assessing how the worker is feeling after their body has had an opportunity to recover from the physical testing assessment.

The evaluation is most effective when there is a current Physical Demands Analysis and Job Description available. The evaluation can be tailored to answer specific referral questions.

The report includes a summary of the subjective information provided by the worker and the requestor, and the results of all objective testing. The report includes the physiotherapist's assessment of the worker's current physical and functional abilities with reference to National Occupational Classifications and recommendations for any further treatment or assessment.


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